Sony Playstation 5 (PS5 Disc Edition)
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Sony Playstation 5 (PS5 Disc Edition)


Brand: SONY
Condition: New
Warranty: 30 Day Warranty
Model: Sony PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition
Packaging: Retail

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Explore uncharted virtual territories and slay dragons with this sleek Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console. The 825GB SSD allows ultra-fast load times, while 3-D audio output produces crisp acoustics. This Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console supports haptic feedback for effortless communication in multiplayer setups, and adaptive triggers allow immersive gameplay.





30 Day Warranty


Integrated I/O.
The custom integration of the PS5 console’s systems lets creators pull data from the SSD so quickly that they can design games in ways never before possible.

Stunning games.
Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.

Ultra-high-speed SSD.
Maximize your play sessions with near-instant load times for installed PS5 games.

HDR technology.
With an HDR TV, supported PS5 games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colors.

8K output.
PS5 consoles support an 8K output, so you can play games on your 4320p resolution display.

4K TV gaming.
Play your favorite PS5 games on your stunning 4K TV.

Up to 120 fps with 120Hz output.
Enjoy smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay at up to 120 fps for compatible games, with support for 120Hz output on 4K displays.

Tempest 3D AudioTech.
Immerse yourself in soundscapes where it feels as if the sound comes from every direction. Through your headphones or TV speakers, your surroundings truly come alive with Tempest 3D AudioTech in supported games.

Haptic feedback.
Experience haptic feedback via the DualSense wireless controller in select PS5 titles, and feel the effects and impact of your in-game actions through the dynamic sensory feedback.

Adaptive triggers.
Get to grips with immersive adaptive triggers, featuring dynamic resistance levels which simulate the physical impact of in-game activities in select PS5 games.




What you get:

One 1 Sony PlayStation 5 Console
Two 2 DualSense Wireless Controllers
One 1 HDMI Cable
One 1 AC Power Cord
One 1 USB Cable
One 1 Micro SD Card USB Adapter


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